Indiana University Bloomington

People at the CRCC

Our Leader

Douglas Hofstadter is the founder of the CRCC and FARG and has been the director of the center for over twenty five years.

Special Mention

Helga Keller was our beloved administrator for over twenty years. She passed away in early 2011, but her spirit remains with all of FARGs members.


Students in the research group typically come from the Cognitive Science Program, the Computer Science Department and, occasionally, the Philosophy Department too.

        Current Students

Matthew Hurley is broadly studying emotion, will, and cognition, through a focus on purposiveness.
Ben Kovitz is studying concept-formation and mathematical reasoning.
David Bender is studying concept representation and learning.
Matthew Setzler is interested in issues of representation, embodiment and robustness as they pertain to musical improvisation.

        Past PhD Students (With Thesis Titles)

  • Don Byrd -- Music Notation by Computer
  • Dave Chalmers -- Toward a Theory of Consciousness
  • Gray A. Clossman -- A Model of Categorization and Learning in a Connectionist Broadcast System
  • Hamid Ekbia -- AI Dreams and Discourse: Science and Engineering in Tension
  • Harry Foundalis -- Phaeaco: A Cognitive Architecture Inspired by Bongard's Problems
  • Bob French -- Tabletop: An emergent, stochastic model of analogy-making
  • Francisco Lara-Dammer -- Modeling Human Discoverativity in Geometry
  • Abhijit Mahabal -- SeqSee: A Concept-centered Architecture for Sequence Perception
  • Jim Marshall -- Metacat: A Self-Watching Cognitive Architecture for Analogy-making and High level Perception
  • Gary McGraw -- Letter Spirit (Part One): Emergent High-level Perception of Letters Using Fluid Concepts
  • Marsha Meredith -- Seek-Whence: A Model of Pattern Perception
  • Melanie Mitchell -- Copycat: A Computer Model of High-Level Perception and Conceptual Slippage in Analogy-making
  • Eric Nichols -- Musicat: A Computer Model of Musical Listening and Analogy-Making
  • John Rehling -- Letter Spirit (Part Two): Modeling Creativity in a Visual Domain
  • Wang Pei (Pei Wang) -- Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System: Exploring the Essence of Intelligence
  • William York -- Aesthetics and the Scope and Limits of Cognitive Science